Happy Fourth of July!

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve written, but it has only been a week. Here’s the tea…

Well, I dropped that statistics class and I am taking it in the fall! I am not a Math person, so a three hour 8AM class was really draining. I have a 60 minute attention span for that subject no longer.

Psychology or Sociology I can sit in a room all day, but numbers bore me.

Sucks I have to take it in the fall, but it is what it is.

Moving on.. Things have been pretty good lately. The sun has been shining again, thank God! That was a rough month of May, but all the rain cleansed my soul of so many toxic awful things. In the month of May I learned to appreciate the rain. I couldn’t go outside much, but my place was clean and I caught up on sleep.

Speaking of sleep, I feel as though I just woke up from a 28 year slumber. It’s no secret I am going through a spiritual awakening of some sort… Things have been happening that would make me question my sanity if I didn’t have proof it was happening.

I am noticing things that could have always been there, now I am just more aware and mindful.

One thing that I have cut out is the television. I am perfectly okay with sitting in silence if it means I don’t have to be subjected to subliminal messaging and that wanker Trump. Then listen to everyone complain about him like he’s really the one in charge. Do you think they’d really put a nutcase like that in office if there wasn’t some other agenda behind it?

I’ve taken up reading again. I’ve always been a reader and an avid one at that. Some of the stuff I am reading I probably should not be, but for some strange reason I happened to come across 1984 by George Orwell. It was a book I had to read in high school that I didn’t like because at that time it scared me.

Now, what disturbs me is this isn’t a work of fiction anymore… If you haven’t read it- READ IT! Turn off the T.V. or if you can’t read watch the movie. How 1984 is coming to life today. <<This is a youtube video you can watch also. Read more, cell phone & TV less.

Enjoy your holiday! I’ll be back Tuesday!





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