Stripper Diaries 6: Alexia

Hello my beautiful infinite beings! Just an update on the balcony creeper (new readers read I LIVE HERE!) Last night when I took Figaro on his night walk I spoke to the front desk guy that was there when the cops came. He said the guy was someones guest and he was so drunk he tried to pass out on one of the couches in the lobby… There are now signs reminding people to lock their balcony doors before they go to sleep. (That would be wise.) I guess he was terrorizing someone on the 5th floor too… Also, if you ever come to Miami be mindful of the area by Space and Eleven…. A lot of weird, bad juju shit goes on over there. I feel if you get too fucked up the bad energy jumps in you and takes over your body for awhile….It may sound crazy, but it happened to me in New Orleans.

Ok. I’m going to stop- That’s enough spiritual talk for the day. NOW! What you really came for… perversion. Happy Monday! Xo Kash

When I ask my old co-workers for their entertainer stories sometimes they email me similar situations that I have been through. I get a lot of men that want to be dominated in some way. It’s almost as if these same men rotate clubs playing out their weirdest, wildest fantasies anywhere they can. This week Alexia tells us about a man that used to come in and see her with strange toys and contraptions. Here’s the tea…

Alexia was working in a south side club when her and “Chet” crossed paths. I met Chet a couple times as well at different clubs, but he was her regular at this particular club.

It wasn’t uncommon to see Alexia riding Chet like a horse with his belt tied around his neck. “Faster horsey!” she’d yell, as the other customers looked puzzled as to why a grown man was crawling around on the dance room floor pretending to be a horse.

Management got tired of the complaints, so they told Alexia from now on she had to take Chet into the champagne room for what the manager called “adult cosplay”. It wasn’t fair for other customers to be subjected to the weirdness while trying to enjoy their dance.

I never minded Chet. He was always polite, tipped well, and bought drinks, but some of the girls could not stand him.

One day in their champagne room Chet pulled out a pair of nipple clamps and asked Alexia to put them on him. She was afraid. She didn’t want to hurt him, but he seemed like he really enjoyed it.

The next time he came in he had a pair of brass balls on tied to a nylon string. He wanted her to kick him in the nuts. She didn’t want to do it. “I can’t do it. The nipple clamps were enough for me.” Alexia said.

“I’ll do it!” I said. Kash to the rescue.

I went in the champagne room with them, kicked this guy in the balls 5 times, got paid, and a nice buzz going into the evening shift. WIN, WIN, WINS all around.

A couple weeks later I saw Alexia on a later shift than what she normally worked. I asked her why she was there so late.

“Chet is really freaking me out. He asked me to put my stripper heel up his ass.” she said. I started laughing hysterically picturing Alexia doing that to Chet.

“It’s not funny. I really need a break.” she said.

I felt bad for laughing, but what did she expect from a guy that liked to be ridden around the club like a horse? Chet had no shame in his game. In fact, when other customers or girls made fun of him he loved it.

Alexia eventually turned him over to another girl because she couldn’t deal with the strange requests anymore. I didn’t blame her- Who wants poo on their expensive platforms? Gross. #nowthatsthefuckingtea


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