Kundalini Kash

Okay, so I told you guys I was going to tell you about my yoga experience yesterday. I went to the new yoga studio in my building. Maham Yoga studio- My neighbor suggested it, she said it was great, first week is free, all that good stuff. I was hoping to go in there and get some third eye, deep meditation action in. What I got was exactly the opposite. Here’s the tea..

It’s a cute little place, no doubt, and its close proximity to my house is ideal, but the fact they play hip-hop and r&b music doesn’t vibe with me. It’s not that I don’t like it, I love hip-hop, but not while practicing yoga. That was my first turn-off.

It’s like the Wood of yoga studios- A bar in Wynwood I don’t really care for either.

Turn-off number two was it is open with floor to ceiling windows to outside. You can see people walking outside and people inside can see you in your down dog. I must have looked out the window 10  different times. I was so distracted!

I guess I prefer to do my yoga in a room closed off from the outside world with relaxing music as oppose to R. Kelly Bump and Grind being stared at like an animal in a glass cage doing weird poses.

If anything this experience gave me anxiety. I am in no way shape or form Kundalini Kash, but I think they need to do a few things different.

I can’t see a die-hard yogi going there and loving it. Maybe this is the new fad.

I felt like it was commercialized yoga… Similar to how I felt when Tiesto completely sold out and made the worst track of all time “Wasted”. Is this the new thing?

Call me old school, but I will be going back to my studio on Biscayne next week to try this again.

I was trying to explain my discomfort in the class to my friend Nina Kray,

I will try it one more time with my friend and see how she feels about it. As of right now though, hip-hop yoga is not for me. I need some calming shakra aligning Indian flute music. Less Boys II Men more wind chime. NAMASTE! #nowthatsthefuckingtea


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