Kash Kuery Wednesday

Hold up, Al…to sit next to a stripper in church, or bang one in church? I don’t quite follow. But hey yes, after we get done worshipping Satan on Saturday night most dancers make their way to church Sunday morning. NOT. (And no we don’t really worship Satan)

I did work with a Eucharistic minister before though. I thought she was joking, but she really actually was. There is a fantasy for you!

I have met religious strippers and I have met godless atheist strippers, much like I’ve met religious lawyers and atheist lawyers. Just because someone is a stripper doesn’t mean they renounce God or a higher power as soon as they put their platform hells on.

I am agnostic. I believe that there is something higher than us; whether it’s the universe, a deity or one true God, I don’t know.

My neighbor tried to tell me that agnostics are Atheists too. In my opinion Atheists are know it all’s and just as annoying as bible thumpers and door knocking Jehovah’s. They really don’t know either.

No one knows, so I can’t sit here and say I’m a devoted Catholic because some of the stuff I do not agree with. It sucks because I was raised to believe it, but even as young as 10 years old, I questioned it… so my job has nothing to do with my beliefs.

I like to believe I am a spiritual person. I believe in being good to people that are good to you, but I also believe in being shitty to garbage people. It’s called balance.

I believe in energies and spirits, so I am spiritual, but religious—I have too many questions for that life. #nowthatsthefuckingtea

Sidenote: Al emailed me back. It’s his fantasy to sit next to a stripper in church and exchange numbers… and later find out she was a stripper all along. I’m not laughing out loud right now. Put it into the universe and it will happen for you, Al!


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