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While the “Nightmare on 7th Street” was happening I could not understand why Fiona was doing what she was doing. What kind of woman inserts herself into someone’s business and tries to make things worse? She was asking Shwolf for gas money, and to go on vacations and trips with her all while I was pregnant. As it was happening I had no idea why she was doing this, but after I processed everything it all made sense. Here’s the tea…

Shwolf went on a dinner date with Fiona behind my back the weekend before I moved in with him. He had lied and said he was out with The Sheep. I knew he had liked Fiona. He was taking her out on fancy dinners and buying her things trying to reel her in before he met me.

She wasn’t interested, or so she said, but she didn’t mind the benefits of being his friend. She looooved “free meals and drinks”. Who could blame her, what woman doesn’t like to be wined and dined.

Shwolf made Fiona out to be this awful rotten person that just used him and led him on for her own benefit.

“She got a $100 glass of wine at dinner and that’s when I pulled the plug on the fancy dinners. She was using me, but I was lonely.” he said. I sympathized with him and genuinely felt bad for him. Poor man, used by his “ex-wife”, ex girlfriend, now this girl. How awful!

We were having a get together at our place and Sheep Two asked if Fiona could come. I had seen pictures of Fiona, physically I did not view her as a threat. It was up to Shwolf.

“She’s not a good person, Kash. I really don’t want her here.” he said.

He was hiding something. I wanted to meet this girl. I called Sheep Two back, “Sure, Fiona can come! The more the merrier!” I said.

Shwolf was pissed. Nervous. I couldn’t wait until they got there to observe the dynamic.

Shwolf, Sheep Two, Fiona and I were standing on our balcony waiting for other guests to arrive. Shwolf was totally checking out her rack right in front of me. Mine is undoubtedly better, so it didn’t bother me. He looked over at me and I smirked.

We went down to the pool. She was cool. I actually liked her until the end of the night when she just kept going on and on about herself and everyone that was obsessed with her. That was when I was ready for her to leave.

Overall she was intelligent, easy to talk to, but a little annoying. I could tolerate her in small doses considering I had no friends of my own there yet.

The next morning Shwolf asked me if Fiona said anything about him to me. She did, but I wasn’t going to tell him.

“She’s not someone you can trust, Kash. Don’t be fooled.” he said. Yeah, okay- Don’t worry! I will not become her best friend, so you can triangulate us later, Shwolf.

He was talking to her behind my back pretty much the whole relationship. He had such an issue with telling the truth and being honest. I totally would not have cared. I let the girl come to our home. I thought we were all friends.

I knew why he didn’t want me to know. If he had female friends that meant I could have male friends. There was no way that was going to happen.

Him lying about speaking to her made me think something more was going on between them. I think anyone would feel that way if their man was lying about speaking to a mutual friend. It was weird.

She didn’t come around very much. We would talk here and there, but best believe when all the drama went down she was smack dab in the middle of it. He was using her to make me jealous and she was using him for financial and food benefits.

A real woman would notice the volume of the situation we were in and stay out of it, but this was a girl. A girl looking for admiration, to be wanted, obsessed over and viewed as a temptress. It was so glaringly obvious….

Her past also served as a component of her eager willing involvement. Her ex that she loved was a cheater. She would catch him at the local strip club often with her friends. He got a stripper pregnant.

What a blow to someone that prided herself on her “high status” job and constantly needed validation. How could the man she loved want a stripper, more so want a baby with one!

That had to be devastating, but there she was years later involved in a mess with a former stripper and her “easily manipulated by the poon” friend. This was her chance to get her power back.

The things she was saying to me were probably things she wished she could have said to her ex’s stripper baby mama.

I never did anything to this girl. I actually liked her. I just thought she was a little to full of herself for what she was working with. Other than that we never had an issue, so it blew my mind that she was speaking to me and meddling in my situation the way that she was.

When I confronted her about it she deflected it and told me what a sorry excuse of a woman I was. She even said I was obsessed with her. I had to laugh at that because she most definitely was not my type. I did not find her to be attractive at all. Sheep Two was way prettier. I didn’t understand all the self-hype.

Zero accountability. In her mind I think she justified what she was doing to me because of what happened in her past.

Some people thrive in drama. She definitely was one of those people.

I hated her for so long afterwards until I started to put the pieces together.

She had a string of failed relationships in the very short time I had known her. All of the men saying the same thing; she was wonderful, she was smart, funny, but running for the fucking hills after a month or so. Why?

“They are all losers! All I want is a man that makes more money than me!” she would openly say without acknowledging the fact that a smart good man can usually tell when someone’s intentions aren’t genuine, ignoring that you essentially attract who you are as a person.

Once the puzzle was complete I began to feel sorry for her. Everything she was projecting on to me was exactly how she felt about herself inside.

I do not hear about her at all, but if I had to make a prediction she is probably still alone, miserable, but pretending to be happy, still unaccountable and wondering why she can’t find Mr. Right. It took me a very long time, but I forgive her. #nowthatsthefuckingtea35189871_10212036574806762_594566109630300160_n


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