Leave Kevin Durant Alone! He’s Part of my Framily

Happy Thursday Everyone!!

Since we are in the middle of what is hopefully a clean NBA finals sweep between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers, I thought it would be rewarding for everyone to hear my honest unfiltered opinion on this years finals. Here’s the tea…

Last night my girlfriend and I sat and watched the game like two Lesbos at the Fountaine Blue in Miami Beach. I’m watching my man Kevin Durant drain three’s in punk dusty Cav’s player’s faces, cheering, and everyone is looking at me like I’m a jerk.

I did not realize until last night how much a lot of people hate Golden State and KD. After the game I stood up and clapped. I said to my girl “look at all these grown men around us crying about The Cav’s losing”. “People hate the Warriors, KD is a sell out!” she responded.

This man made his way over from the other side of the bar to tell me I was cheering for the wrong team. I put my hand up in his face and told him “I didn’t like LeBron when he brought his receding hairline and talents down to South Beach either.” So he could kindly go “dry his big man tears on the curtain over there in the corner.”

The man told me I was irrational. Typical statement from a man with no comeback or valid argument.

LeBron James is a great player, but I do not like him. I will never cheer for him or any team he plays on. I’ve disliked him since he was in High School. They used to show his games on ESPN, he was an arrogant jerk off crybaby then and he’s a crybaby now.

“Well, Steph Curry and Kevin Durant are crybaby momma’s boys!”  There is nothing wrong with being a momma’s boy as long as your mother isn’t enabling you to be a dickhead. What’s wrong with a man loving and having respect for his mom?  NOTHING. I’d never date one (for too long anyway), but I’ll watch some momma’s boys play basketball. OKURRRR!

“Well, KD is a sellout, they don’t need him.” KD wants to win. He went to a team THAT WINS. He took less money to play on a team that wins.

I loved KD when he was on the Thunder. I went to every Bulls vs. Thunder game in Chicago. To be honest, I wouldn’t want to play with Westbrook either! I see nothing wrong with him wanting to go somewhere and win championships. Isn’t that the point? Isn’t that what LeBron did when he took his “talents to South Beach.” Isn’t that what Carmelo Anthony will never do because he’s all about the money?

Everyone forgets how much people hated LeBron for leaving Cleveland to go to Miami. Now everyone is on the “LeBron works so hard bandwagon.” No. He’s a control freak. That’s the problem.

Get rid of the Cavs coach and just let LeBron coach the team too, that’s what he does anyway. Use that money to get a better player.

There is a solution to this. A few players get together and take less money to stack another team that can compete against the Warriors. Plain and simple.

Three people called me a “hater” last night for not liking LeBron James.

I’m sorry, I like smart men that can work well with others as a team and win championships. So, next time you want to bash Kevin Durant to me just remember we are initial twins, KD, and he is part of my framily. KD’s number one fan! Don’t hate the great! #nowthatsthefuckingtea


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