The Wicked Dick of the South

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On June 4th, 2016 I officially gained my living independence from Shwolf and got my own place. I knew it was a good decision because as soon as I walked in my apartment after moving my last box an overwhelming sense of relief came over me. I was ready to start my new life by myself in Miami. Shwolf could not stand how happy I was being away from him. It pissed him off. To tell you the truth if it wasn’t for the dogs I probably would have never spoke to him again. It was hard my first few months alone. I had always been in a relationship, but the toxicity of the one with Shwolf kept me from wanting to jump into another one. I needed time to myself. For months after I left he made it extremely difficult for me to fully move on. Here’s the tea…

I was speaking to Shwolf once a week if that. My main concern was getting past the truma he put me through, so I was distancing myself.

An old friend of mine was visiting Ft. Lauderdale and wanted to come to Miami and visit me. I told him that was no problem. It was nice to see a familiar face.

We spent all day at the beach, which was also nice because I never really got to do that with Shwolf because of his “condition”.

It was a relaxing, drama free day. We left the beach around 6PM.

I was in a great mood. We were going to go back to my place, change and go out for the night.

To avoid the traffic on Biscayne I took the back route. I hated taking it because it took me past the “Nightmare on 7thstreet” apartment, but I did not want to wait in traffic.

We were passing my old apartment when across the street I noticed Shwolf. “Oh NO! Get down!” I said. My friend was so confused. “Why?” he said. “My ex is facing us in the opposite direction.” I said.

Shwolf saw us. My stomach dropped. “SHIT!” He had been writing me crazy emails about seeing me riding around town with guys in my car. I would just ignore them because I knew he was just trying to get a response from me. I was literally only going to school and the gym. No one was ever in my car except my girlfriends. He was insane making stuff up in his head, but on this day I really did have a guy in my car. Figures.

My phone rang. It was Shwolf. I ignored it. Of course the bridge was going up!

“Get out and start walking towards my place.” I told my friend. “What? Are you serious? Is this guy big?” he asked. “No. but he’s…. mighty.” I replied. “Just please get out and start walking.” I did not want him in the car in case Shwolf turned around.


I did lie. I told him I was at the beach with a girlfriend and could not talk, but we weren’t together so I did not really care.

“He’s my friend, Shwolf. He came down from Ft. Lauderdale to see me, relax.” I said. “RELAX? IM COMING THERE. I HAVE A MEETING. IM CANCELLING IT AND ILL BE OVER THERE. HE BETTER BE GONE BY THE TIME I GET THERE.” he said.

Was he for real? All the stuff he did behind my back while we were together and he was going to embarrass me like this in front of my friend?

“Please don’t. I don’t understand why you’re doing this?” I said. “I’LL BE OVER THERE SOON. HE BETTER BE GONE.” he yelled as he hung up on me.

I quickly crossed the bridge and picked up my friend.

“You can’t stay with me. He’s coming here right now. You can’t be there.” I said.

My friend was upset, but he understood. He was not the type to engage in conflict, so he left. I cleaned up any trace of him being in my apartment and waited for the psychopath to arrive.

Ten minutes later Shwolf was pounding on my door. I opened it and stared at him. He had a wife beater and track pants on like he was going to beat someone up. He was not really much of a sweater, but he was completely drenched in sweat for some reason.

“Where is he?” he asked as he pushed past me into my apartment.

“He isn’t staying with me. He’s staying in Ft. Lauderdale.” I lied. He ran upstairs to check and make sure he was not hiding in my closet or something.

“I just don’t understand you, Shwolf. Why can’t you just let me be.” I asked.

“You’re not going to parade around the town I brought you too with other guys. One of us has to go if that’s the case.” he said.

Well, I knew it was not me that was moving. I just moved in, so it had to be him. The neighbors hated him at our old apartment anyway. He needed to move.

“Well, I guess that’s you Shwolf. Why don’t you get an apartment with Sheep One and Two. I’m sure that old man is tired of them squatting in his apartment not paying rent.” I said.

“I fucking hate you, Kash.” he said. I just sat there waiting for him to crush my temples or smash me into a wall and hold his fist inches from my face like he was going to punch me. I did not really care anymore.

“Get your stuff. You’re sleeping over.” he said. “What? No I’m not. I had plans to go out. You need to leave. This is crazy.” I replied.

He started yelling at me. Security from my building came to my unit to make sure everything was okay because my neighbors complained about a loud mouth asshole on the 28thfloor. I was so upset. Here we go again. Once again I’m the dysfunctional neighbor.

 To avoid any problems I grabbed my stuff and I went back to the nightmare apartment with him. He only wanted me to sleep there because he did not want me going out with my friend. Selfish.

I laid in bed with the dogs while Shwolf enjoyed his peace of mind that I was just as miserable as him that night. He fell asleep next to me.

It occurred to me that I would never be able to live my own life until he found someone else to mentally and potentially physically torture and abuse.

I looked over at him sleeping. He never fell asleep that easily. He must have been pretty satisfied with himself.

As I stared at him sleeping I envisioned a piece of metal scaffolding falling from the building he was working on, crushing him, leaving two Red Wing work boots sticking out from underneath. The wicked dick of the south, I thought as I turned over to go to sleep. #nowthatsthefuckingtea


Respectfully submitted…. LOL. I wonder how that penthouse is treating him?… This is just a sample of the lovely emails I would get from Shwolf on a daily basis. He had lost control over me and did not know what to do with himself. Poor guy….

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