Stripper Diaries 4: Male Entertainer

This Monday we are going to switch it up and get a story from a male stripper’s perspective. Women entertainers walk into strange situations almost every weekend. You would think men do not get as creeped out as women, but they often walk into crazy situations as well that make them uncomfortable. An anonymous  male entertainer from Chicago tells his story in this weeks #stripperdiarymonday. We will him “John Dong”. Heres the tea..

It was a summer Saturday night, it started off like any other. I was feeling sexy and ready to make some cash. I was booked for 4 private parties through out the evening.

The first three shows were normal, decent tips nothing out of the ordinary. Typical bachelorette parties, 20-30 something year old girls getting drunk and screaming excessively constantly requesting Ponyby Genuwine.

 I’m looking over the order for the 4th party as I am driving to the address listed. This order said 70th birthday party, it is not uncommon, usually an elderly woman’s Daughter or Grand daughter will book for a milestone birthday to make the recipient feel special and give her a good laugh- But something seemed off about this order.

 The request stated only 2 guests were going to be present and it was going to be a mixed party (male and female attendee).

 I’ve been doing this for a few years at this point and very little surprised me. Still, I assumed it was a typo.

 I show up to the hotel where the birthday party” was supposedly taking place. I arrived at the hotel and I was greeted by a 60 year old man.

 I was thrown off to say the least. He seemed overly happy to see me. I was assuming he booked me either on behalf of the female guests or it was possible a prank which are 2 other situations that are not entirely uncommon.

 I introduced myself and he proceeded to explain that it was his wife’s 70th birthday party and that he wanted her to feel sexy.

That is not a problem.” I said. I figured I’d go in and do my routine and everyone would be happy and all the guests would have a great time as always.

 As this guy is leading me into the room, I still am being cautious and paying close attention to the situation because I was getting a strange vibe.

To my surprise there really was only 1 other person in that hotel room other than the older gentleman and I.

It was his 70 year old wife, like it was stated on the order, but there were no other guests.

She was sitting in a chair in extremely revealing white lingerie and white hair. I was thinking in my head what in the hell is going on?

Since I was already compensated I said fuck it I’m getting paid, so I’ll do my routine for her and make her birthday special.

Yeah, that was not how it went.

I started my performance, making much eye contact and dancing slowly until I undressed down to my underwear.

To be honest she wasn’t all that bad looking for a 70 year-old woman.

I’m doing a lap dance and things are going fine other than the fact that she’s 70, in lingerie, her perfume smells like my grandmothers and her strange husband is ten feet away watching.

 I was on edge about the whole situation. I just happened to glance over and see the look on this guys face. I went from creeped out to alarmed.

I spent a decent amount of time performing and I was ready to go. There wasn’t much else I could do due to the lack of guests.

 I notice the husband pull out his phone and try recording. As soon as I noticed that I stopped.

What the fuck are you doing?” I asked him. This is great dont stop!” he replied.

 Nooo. This is against the rules. I cant let you record, Im sorry. This is strange and everything about this is weird.” I said not even caring anymore what he thought.

 I started grabbing my things and getting dressed. The man goes I wanted you to show her a good time!

She did have a good time! She enjoyed the performance!I replied.

He kept saying, Nooo, I wanted you to show her a goooood time.I don’t understand what you mean.” I said. I actually did understand I just wanted to see if he would just flat out say it.

I wanted you to fuck my wife and I wanted to record it so I can watch it later.” he said.

Nooo! Well you should have made that clear when I got here, so I could have left immediately.” I replied.

 I got the hell out of there so fast! #nowthatsthefuckingtea

-John Dong/Anonymous male stripper 

Chicago, IL


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