The Brain of a Stripper

This photo accurately shows the brain of a stripper. It breaks down the 5 lobes in terms of sensing, seeing, hearing, equilibrium, memories and consciousness. This makes me laugh because I always said my brain rewired itself to think this way. It is almost instantaneous. Here’s the tea..

  • I would have to say the occipital lobe was my strongest. I did not look at faces. I looked at shoes, clothes and watches. I knew my clientele. Older white men, “Uncle Tom’s” (so ignorant) and Arabs. It was almost a sure bet every time. Know your clientele.
  • I hate walking in heels if I don’t have to. I am a flip flop, wedge type of girl. Due in major part to all of the walking for hours I had to do in heels at the strip clubs. Weekly pedicures are mandatory.
  • I used to observe the floor every shift I worked. There are usually girls that attract the same customer as you do. I’d watch men look at these girls, hoping to get their attention. They would just walk into the dressing room with their friend. I would get up and swoop in- 9 times out of 10 they would go with me. Pay attention to people’s eyeballs and who goes for dances with your customers.
  • I was never a liar. I obviously did not give people my real name, but for the most part I told the truth about where I was from and what I was doing in there. I never used the sympathy sob stories, I never had too. If you’re genuine and some-what honest with someone they are going to give you money, that is what they are there for.
  • I did not discriminate. If someone wanted a dance I would give them one, but it is a fact that Indian men, much like their God Brahma, have multiple hands. You get two off of you there’s two more grabbing somewhere else. Hispanic men are lickers.  Avoid Indians and Latins, unless you’ve explained your boundaries in the dance room or you like that kind of shit.
  • Cheap cunt…. LOL!

Thank you to @exotic.cancer for permission to use this photo. If you haven’t checked out her Instagram I suggest you do so, hilarious and entertaining! As for me I will be back on Monday with a stripper diary. We are going to change it up and look at a male stripper’s perspective. #stripperdiarymonday If you have stories or Kash Kuery’s (questions for Kash) please email them to I also love random news articles, meme’s and Instagrams like @exotic.cancer.

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend! Strippers, don’t be lazy, go to work on Sunday- You will bank!


Photo Cred: @exotic.cancer


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