Kash Klassroom: Pay Pigs

Have you heard of the term “pay pig”? Neither had I until about a year ago. Pay pigs are men that like to be financially dominated. I know what women reading this are thinking: Sign me up, right? Wrong. Although it is cool for a little while the “pay pig” eventually starts to consume your whole life. This is not a sugar daddy that wants to take you out on nice dinners, vacations, and have spa days. This is a pretty twisted individual that expects you to boss them around and humiliate them while draining their bank account. I thought I was a prime candidate for the job, but I thought very wrong… Here’s the tea..

In October I took a trip to Tampa, FL to meet with a girl that was big into webcam modeling. She is a top girl on one of the best sites there is; My Free Cams.

I always thought the rumors about girls making $20,000 a month were exaggerations until I met her.

She lives in a gorgeous home. Her neighbor is the lead singer of Boys ll Men. She has two ridiculously nice cars and besides all the materialistic bullshit she is a genuinely kind, good-hearted person. She deserves all of her good fortune, without a doubt.

She contacted me about potentially working for her because she was going to try and start her own webcam platform. I debated for a few days on it and decided to take the trip to meet her.

While I was there she educated me on the webcam underground.

“Get a pay pig!” she said. “What the hell is that?” I replied. “And how have I never heard of this?”

She explained it as a branch of domination culture. The men want to be humiliated and financially dominated. She of course left out a lot of details, but Kash was already online looking for my pig.


I ended up getting two pay pigs. One would only tip me coins through the MFC website and the other would venmo me, but the catch was I had to boss them around and make them do extremely abnormal things. The things they wanted me to have them do just kept getting weirder and weirder.

For about two weeks these “pigs” were sending me money everyday. One day $100, the next day $50, $25, $40, $200.

The pig on the webcam site would leave tokens for me while I was offline to wake up to.

This isn’t so bad, telling men how worthless they are and getting paid. I can do this.

One day I woke up to a $300 deposit and a DM that read “Mistress, I got paid today. I would like to be punished like the filthy dirty man that I am.”

I rolled my eyes and looked at the time. 9AM. UGH! Okay, let’s get this over with.

I face timed him. He would never show his face. He wanted me to watch him masterbate with toothpaste or Icy Hot. “Pick one please mistress.” he said.

The look on my face while he was doing this must have been one of disgust because he asked me if I was upset or if something was wrong. I quickly remembered that we were on FaceTime and changed my facial expression.

“You’re a dirty freak!” “What a loser” “Who masterbates with toothpaste, you fucking weirdo!” those are just a few of the things I was saying to this guy. “Can I pour candle wax on it now, please mistress.”

OH WHAT THE FUCK, I thought. “Sure! Go right ahead!” I looked away from my phone. I quickly rushed him off the phone and tried to go about my day erasing that from my memory.


It was my other pig. This time I was at the gym about to go in for my workout. I opened one of the snaps. It was of him with a sad face and he was crying.

I don’t need this negativity in my life. I ignored the snaps and went in for my workout. When I came out I had 12 messages from the pig.

“Did I upset you, mistress?” “Can you call me mistress?” I’m sending you coins, please talk to me. I saw you opened and didn’t respond.”

Oh my God, what did I get myself in to. At this rate the money was not worth it. I muted the app and decided to go on about my day.

3AM—DING DING DING. “Mistress, I’ve done something bad.” I read. I was so annoyed I texted back “send me $1,000 or leave me alone until noon.”

“Mistress I don’t have $1000. I don’t get paid until Friday I will send you $300 again. What should I do?” he replied.

I wanted to tell him to stop being a freak, but I just ignored it and turned my phone off and went back to sleep.

In the morning when I turned my phone back on I woke up to text after text of him asking what he did to be ignored. He wanted to eat his own feces for upsetting me. I could not take it anymore. This was too crazy even for me.

I thought of my girlfriend in Tampa. She looked like she was 16, adorable, nice and bubbly personality. There is no way she deals with this on a regular basis.

I called her and asked her how she deals with craziness, curious if I just ended up with two shitty pay pigs. She just laughed.

“These people think they can just contact me whenever. It’s not okay!” I said. “Yeah, a lot of them are very weird.” She replied.

That’s it? It was so normal to her. She was used to being messaged at all hours of the day and night. “It doesn’t really stop.” “You just have to learn to ignore it.” she said.

She was so nice.

It was then I decided that I was not about the webcam pay pig financial domination life.

I am not that patient or tolerant of people to have someone texting me all day asking me to watch them do weird things like masterbate with Icy Hot and eat their own feces.

It literally is a 24-hour job. No amount of money is worth my daily peace of mind. When I sign off the website, I am DONE working. I started to think of all of the other MFC models. If this is what they have to deal with everyday, they deserve every penny of their $10,000-$20,000 a month. Needless to say Kash is now pay pigless. #nowthatsthefuckingtea 💋


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