Stripper Diaries 3: Isabella

Happy Monday! Last weeks content was a little heavy, but I promise this week will be full of laughs. It’s Stripper diary Monday! Here’s the tea…

This is one of my favorite stories ever. It is short and sweet. Every time Isabella tells me this story I laugh hysterically.

One night Isabella was working at Skybox, a club on the far south side of Chicago. She took a gentleman for a dance. He kept complimenting her on how beautiful she was and how he loved everything about her. He couldn’t get enough!

During the dance while she was facing him…. she queefed. His eyes got wide.

She quickly got up and faced the other direction to hide her embarrassment. While she was turned around she heard him say “OHHH GIRL! WHAT WAS THAT! YOU SPECIAL! DO THAT AGAIN!”

He was amazed! He thought it was a special trick!

Surprised by his reaction and his ignorance of what had actually happened she flipped her hair to the side all sexy, bent over and said “In time.”

Some men are just insanely easy to please! #nowthatsthefuckingtea

Everyone Have a good start to your week! I will be back tomorrow with my reunion with Doc! New Readers if you don’t know who Doc is refer back to “Dr. Frankenfurter and the Real Rocky Horror Show”


XO! Kash


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