Stripper Diaries 2: Trinity

Many companies have policies about dating in the work place. It is considered unprofessional. Most strip clubs have policies against employees dating, but no one really follows them. Let’s be real, it’s hard for “Tom” in HR to keep his eyes off “Susan” wearing a business suit, imagine what it’s like for “Joe” to keep his eyes off “Candy” running around topless in a thong. It’s a disaster waiting to happen. Never once have I heard of a successful strip club relationship. Here’s the tea…

It is usually bouncers that date the dancers or bartenders. Most of the time the girls are looking to get an edge on the competition thinking banging one of these men will help them, but what they end up with is just a shit load of unnecessary drama. I watched my friend’s get involved with floor guys and it never ended in their favor-sometimes even resulting in having to switch clubs.

Once a floor guy asked me what my deal was. Why I did not hang out after hours. Basically what he wanted to know is why I wasn’t sleeping with anyone. “I don’t shit where I eat.” I said. “Damn, well everybody is shitting all over this motherfucker then.” he said. I laughed because it was true. Everyone was sleeping with everyone. In my mind it was one less dramatic thing I had to deal with at work. That same bouncer later went back and told everyone I was “stuck up and really a man”, but hey it is what it is. He tried and got shut down, so I couldn’t possibly be a woman turning down all that sexiness in an ill-fitting suit.

A former co-worker, Trinity has dated a bouncer before and is a prime example of why not to do it! It all started when she first came from California. She met Nick in the strip club they both worked at. One night after her shift she left work and got a flat tire on the highway. She went back to the club and Nick offered her a ride and told her he would take her to the shop the next day. Long story short after that night they began dating. They even spent Christmas together.

Months had passed and Nick got fired from the club for not promoting. Trinity was ready for a club change, so she went to a different club and got Nick a job with her. She was doing well at the new club. They made a great team.  They were making money together and dating, she thought things were going well.

One weekend, as entertainers commonly do, she decided to switch it up and go back to her old club for a weekend. It was on that weekend a dancer named Kate approached her and asked her if she knew her “friend’s” boyfriend Nick. Confused, she said “This Nick.” And showed her a picture. It was definitely the same Nick. Only it wasn’t Kate’s “friends” boyfriend. It was actually hers. Kate and Nick were dating too. The two women began arguing back and forth over this guy. It ended with Trinity throwing a chair and getting asked to leave because she was not a regular employee.

She felt betrayed. She was pissed, but she eventually moved on and gave up on the floor staff. Kate really was his girlfriend because he disappeared after the two women found out about each other. Kate eventually married Nick. What a prize!

Unfortunately stories like Trinity’s happen all the time. I feel that dancers gravitate towards bouncers and floor men because they know the business. It’s easier to date someone that understands the hustle, but becomes complicated when that someone is banging everyone else working there as well. It is a sticky situation that I, Kash, prefer to leave alone. #nowthatsthefuckingtea


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