Kash Kuery Wednesday

I have had 5 plastic surgery procedures done. I have had a breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, collagen injections in my lips, ear lobe correction from a piercing, and Botox injections.

The breast implants were my choice. I always wanted them. I had a good handful to start with, the augmentation just made them bigger and better. Shirts just look better with a big rack underneath them!

When I went to my consultation I told my Doctor I wanted a full D. I did not want them to be huge, but he said to go DD because a lot of patients get them done and feel they aren’t big enough and have to do it again. I had heard that complaint before and know many girls who have had multiple surgeries because they didn’t feel they were big enough. When I first got them done they were up to my throat, swollen, and huge. I was pissed because my ass is not that big. Eventually they settled to what they are now and I am very pleased with them. They look and feel natural. Eventually I am going to have to get them redone, but I feel I have a few more years left with these.

My nose was my choice also. I did that for side profile purposes. Growing up my father used to tease me and say I had a “witch nose” so maybe that was a reason I wanted to fix it. My recovery time after was a day because they did not have to break it. It was just cartilage work. I feel like my nose looks natural and I got the result I wanted, which was less bulbous at the tip and a better side profile.

The ear lobe correction was from wearing to heavy of earrings (fake Chanel C’s). I had a hole the size of a gauge. It was terrible. I couldn’t wear certain kinds of earrings. I don’t even know how it happened. The weight of the earrings made a hole in my ear.

I did lip injections because I had friends that had them done and I liked the way they looked. I went to Kim Kardashian’s doctor that did her vampire facial on the show, Dr. Gallo in Miami. I figured he would give me a nice natural amount and not overdo it. I also do Botox in my forehead because my expression lines are AWFUL! I definitely inherited the large Polish forehead from my Polish side, so they are very noticeable when I squint or make one of my many facial expressions.

As far as feeling pressured to do it by the industry I am in that has never been the case. I did all of these surgeries to enhance what I already had, not to completely change or maximize to the largest extent. I feel all of my work looks natural and is tastefully done. Some may disagree and that’s fine too. LOL!

I was thinking about a Brazilian butt lift, which I am a prime candidate for, but the Doctor I want to go to charges $20,000 minimum. I do not look for the best price when it comes to plastic surgery. I look for the best hand in that specific area. For example: I went to someone else besides Dr. Gallo for my lips and I bruised so bad, it was like someone had punched me in the mouth (picture below). I swore to never again to go elsewhere! Cheaper is never better when it comes to physically altering your face or body! #nowthatsthefuckingtea




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