Stripper Diaries 1: Brooke

Monday’s are for entertainers stories! I actually received some really good ones! Thank you to those of you who spilled your tea. While I was reading your stories memories of my own that I had forgotten came flooding back. As I mentioned before the strip club is a place where people can go to fulfill their fantasies. Sometimes the fantasies are considered illegal and “gentlemen” would be better off going to a brothel, other times customer’s requests are just plain weird, but can be fulfilled in the club. Here’s the tea…

As I was reading the stories that were sent to me a memory of a little Asian man that used to frequent Skybox appeared in my mind. This man was about 4’11 and always happy. He was a great customer, always good for two or three dances, but he had one special request. He liked the entertainer to fill up a cup of warm water, sit on top of his head and pour the water on him. What he really wanted was for the entertainer to pee on his head, but after a couple girls actually did really pee on him management put a stop to that. “What the hell kind of club do you think this is?! This cannot be happening!” they would tell the girls. So warm water was the next best thing. It really made this man happy. He liked to be peed on.

He would also roam the floor and tap you on the shoulder. When he tapped you and handed you $5 dollars that meant he wanted to crawl between your legs. Yes, crawl, like an infant between girl’s legs. One time I was talking to Isabella on the floor and he came up behind us. He tapped her and she nodded towards him at me and jumped her legs open for him to crawl through. She motioned for me to do the same and we just resumed our conversation like there wasn’t a little Asian guy crawling underneath us.

An old coworker of mine named Brooke has stories very similar. She had an Indian man that would come in specifically to see her so she could stomp on his penis (with pants on of course) in her dancer heels. She also had an older man that loved her hair. He was another girls regular and would always ask if the three of them could have a dance together. She became cool with the other girl, so they started hanging out. The man used their new friendship to his advantage. He wanted to wash them wash each other’s hair and he was going to pay to watch. After weeks of discussing it they finally decided to go.

He was a white man with fluffy hair and a profuse sweating problem. He creeped her out, but since she was with her friend she felt more at ease. His weird hair fetish was bizarre to her. He paid the girls $500 each to meet him at a hotel. She thought $500 is awful lot to just wash her hair. She feared he was expecting something more. He assured them that was all he wanted.

When they showed up he had a whole camera set up with lighting and everything. He even had a “kraft foods” table set up for them. It was like a Pantene Pro-V commercial set. When she saw the camera she got scared because she thought she was going to be the victim of a snuff film or something.

Eager to get it over with and upset he never said anything about a camera, she asked him what he wanted them to do. He asked them to go in the shower in their bra and underwear and just wash each other’s hair while he recorded it. She was surprised, but thankful that was all he wanted. She said they were out of there in 30 minutes, laughing about how they just made $500 each for washing each others hair.

I know what you are thinking. This is really weird, but things like this that happen all of the time. People go in to strip clubs to find something they can’t get or may be considered odd in the “real world”. That Asian man would probably be escorted out if he tried to crawl through someone’s legs at a grocery store. Brooke’s trichophiliac friend cannot walk around asking women to wash each other’s hair. Who better to ask then people that have seen the weirdest of the weird. Strippers. #nowthatsthefuckingtea

*Special thanks to ‘Brooke’ for sharing your stories! <3

*First time readers refer back to The Real Rocky Horror and meet Doc for more tales of bizarre behavior.< >


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