My Love Hate Relationship with The Stage

As an entertainer you either love stage or you hate it. When I was younger I did not mind it. As I got older I absolutely hated it. There are girls that can flip upside down, flip around, snake down the pole and land in a split. I admire those girls! That shit is hard! There are girls that make “sex faces” and simulate sex positions, which if done right can be very sexy. There are “twerkers”, and then there’s girls like me that if I’m feeling it I give the performance of a lifetime, otherwise if I’m not I just saunter around the pole, flashing my boobs hoping someone will come tip me while doing the least. How lazy! You’re probably thinking, but I liked to save my energy for the people actually paying me. It bothered me to have to show my body to a whole room full of people, sometimes for free. Here’s the tea…

In Chicago the type of club you worked at determined your stage efforts. At clubs like Polekatz, High Heels, and Skybox stage was important because they are stage- centered clubs. The chances of you making money on stage are greater in these clubs because there is so much focus on the stage. Obviously I did not really mind going on stage in clubs like this. In other clubs clubs like Atlantis, Industrial Strip and 390 where the main focus is the back room and champagne rooms. People don’t really care about stage that much. Unless it’s a packed weekend night, you’re basically just a fixture twirling around standing in the wind blower hoping someone finds the energy to get up out of his seat to tip you.

My favorite club to go on stage was “The Heel” it was a bit of a dive, but it was almost a guaranteed $100 dollars on stage and someone almost always asked you for a dance while you were up there. In my mind that’s how stage should be, not a room full of dudes sitting around just staring; sometimes not even at the stage, just off into the abyss. I know any dancers reading this know exactly what I am talking about.

Towards the end of my strip club days I just started paying the DJ not to go on stage. I even started a bit of a trend because other girls saw me doing it, so they started doing it too. That was a problem because then some nights there was no one for stage.

“It’s free advertisement!” People would tell me. “I don’t need $3 dollars to advertise myself, thanks.” Avoiding stage altogether gave me more time to work the floor and saved me the aggravation of watching Jim over there in the corner rub his dick over his pants, but not move an inch to tip me.

A lot of girls use stage to help gage which customers to ask for dances. There will be a room full of people and girls will only go up to the people that tipped them on stage. I never understood it back then, but now I think it was just fear of rejection. Rejection in the strip club has never been an issue for me. I could care less if someone says no to me.  Never have I let the patrons of a strip club or private party validate me physically or as a person. That is not the place to look for validation. NEXT!

As you can see my relationship with stage is a love/hate. I find that this is the case for most dancers. I really think it depends on the club and the energy of that club. Entertainers, am I wrong?

Also, Monday’s I would like to do a “Stripper Diaries” blog post, so my dancer friends  and readers, if you have a weird crazy story that you want to share… The crazier the better, please feel free to email it to teawithkash@gmail .com and it will be featured on Monday’s post!

Have a great weekend everyone! I’ll be back on Monday!!

Xo, Kash


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