Lateral Whorephobia: Why it’s a Problem

We learn things here at Keeping it Real with Kash in the Kash Klassroom; like the term whorephobia. What does it mean?

Whorephobia is the fear or hatred of sex workers. The term was coined by sex worker activists to denote the explicit hateful and violent attitudes about sex workers. The word also stems from the belief that sex workers are a social problem, diseased, or unintelligent victims that need to be rescued. <> Whorephobia becomes lateral whorephobia when it is done internally amongst “sex workers”.

Society has engrained in us that expressing sexuality and selling sexual services: phone sex, web cam pornography, lap dances, or sex is a repulsive, shameful thing. “Anyone who does that is a whore!” The judgmental people who have no clue about any job as a “sex worker” will say. As if it isn’t bad for sex workers being ostracized by people outside of the industry there is also an “internalized whorephobia” on the inside. There is a hierarchy of sex work; phone sex and web cam girls look down on strippers and sugar babies, the sugar babies and strippers look down at the escorts, and the escorts look down at anyone who is charging less than them. It’s about as hypocritical as you can get and quite honestly it fascinates me. Here’s the tea…

“That girl is a whore!” We’ve all said it, but what makes it hilarious is when it comes from a sex workers mouth. I get it. Web cam girls and phone sex operators feel they are not sex workers because no one is physically touching them. Strippers on the other hand in some cases are allowed to be touched, but will still run around calling everyone a whore for doing the same thing.

I worked at a club called Industrial Strip. Industrial was a hands on above the waist, full nude club. What set Industrial apart from all the other clubs I worked at was that the basic dances were done in a separate room. There was no line of chairs along the wall like Diamonds, or a big giant room for dances like Polekatz. Everything was private. This was a prime breeding ground for lateral whorephobia in a strip club setting. If a dancer was in back for longer than a three song set, the girls on the floor were in an uproar! “She’s dirty! She’s giving hand jobs!” Yet, it was somehow okay when they personally were back there for longer.

I had got so tired of the whore accusations being thrown around all the time that I interrupted a group discussion and said “We’re all whores!!!” Meaning in the eyes of society we are all whores and not one of us is better than the other. Everyone just stared at me and went back to bashing the new target. I never understood why strippers did this until recently.

The underlying causes for “lateral whorephobia” inside the industry are guilt, shame, and jealousy. Guilt and shame because some “sex workers” deep down are ashamed of what they do (I was for a long time). They want better for themselves and have no way or are to lazy to achieve it, so it makes them feel better to put other girls down for doing what they feel is “more” or “more for less”.

In the club what many entertainers fail to realize is that if they focused on themselves and did not buy into all of the whore bashing they would be making money too. Web cam girls feel because they are not physically being touched that what they are doing is better. I’m sorry but sticking a butt plug in your ass in front of a chat room full of people isn’t any better or worse than giving a lap dance. You’re still being objectified, you’re still a sex worker, but now your booty hole is loose.

I’ve learned over time that women in general are going to judge and criticize you no matter what you do. The safest route to take is the high road, let them judge. Until people start paying your bills or have walked in your shoes it doesn’t matter what anyone has to say as long as you’ve got you! If you’re a sex worker and you find yourself calling other women whores without any justifiable proof other than she makes more money than you, then you need to check yourself and ask where these feelings are coming from. It can be a lonely world for a sex worker because they have a tendency to eat their own. But it does not have to be that way. #nowthatsthefuckingtea

*Definition of whorephobia provided by Google.

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