Little Bosnia

I always heard it was hard for strippers to maintain relationships, manly from other entertainers that complained about their misfortune in the man department. I did happen to be in a relationship when I first started dancing. The only issue was for a majority of the relationship he was in jail, so I had to make extra money to receive his phone calls ($500 bills sometimes). When I look back now at how stupid I was for even entertaining this guy and all the money I wasted I get annoyed. People come into our lives for reasons, this one was definitely a lesson- a lesson on how not to let a man use you. Here’s the tea…

Little Bosnia we’ll call him, When I look back he was more like a dependent. I should have wrote his ass off on my taxes. I went through an insane phase where for like 4 years I only dated Serbians, Bosnians, and Albanians, mainly because they are hung like fucking horses. (Sorry mom) NO LIE! I also liked the accent. Ha! Must’ve been the Zero Gravity influence.

I don’t know what the hell was wrong with this dude, but he couldn’t manage to stay out of trouble for more than five minutes. Every time I went to work it was always some saga afterwards. He needed this, he had this happen, he needed my car, he needed money, or we had to go meet his brother or one of the 10 other Tonys at the club. It was always something. At the time I was making so much money for my age $100 dollars here and there didn’t matter, but my new friends at the club were telling me to stop and cut his ass loose. I cared about this guy, but it was starting to become apparent he didn’t feel the same way for me if he wasn’t benefitting from it.

I’ll never forget one time he was picking me up at the club and laying on the horn because we had to get to Spybar or whatever bullshit Chicago club by a certain time or it wasn’t free anymore, so he was literally having a stroke in the parking lot. I was so embarrassed, but couldn’t leave, there was a line to payout. All of a sudden this big black bouncer comes in the back and says “Yo Melrose, Yo little brother is outside layin on the horn and I’m about to whoop his ass!!”  I laughed and so did everyone else because he was right, he did look like my little brother. LOL!

It took him showing up at my parent’s house with some 16 year old girl; threatening to beat my ass like we were in war torn Eastern Europe for me to finally say I was done. Who just shows up at someone’s parents house like that and expects everything is going to be okay? Don’t get me wrong I like to marinate in the sauce a little bit, but this was just too much drama over a skinny punk! I’d had enough!  So valuable lesson learned; No more losers. If I was going to date anyone else while doing this job they were going to be older, intelligent men that made more money than me. No more parasitic foreigners that treated me like shit. #nowthatsthefuckingtea

I hope everyone had a great 4.20 and has an even better weekend! I’ll be back Monday morning! Xo

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