Making a Stripper-Part 2

I suppose there are worse things you can be addicted to. My instant addiction to the nightlife and cash was better than being a drug addict bum without a job, right? At least that is how I saw it. I had cash on hand anytime I needed it. I could go anywhere, I could do anything I wanted and I didn’t have to depend on anyone for shit. But there was always “society’s fave” question: “What do you do?” I used to cringe when people asked me this. Not that I really fucking cared what “Joe” or “Barbara” thought about me working the pole for more money in one night than they made in a week, but it just got old after awhile. “I’m a dancer.” I would say. Some people would just leave it at that, others just had to know what kind… “TAP, JAZZ, BALLET?? “No, bro. Not that kind of dance.” Then there are the girls that say “I would never do that, I have too much respect for myself.” Yet, they’re the first one’s jumping in the car after last call to get plowed by “Brad”. Rolling with a 50/50 of getting herpes, not making a dollar, or even getting a call back. OOOOKKKKKRRRR. (Love Cardi B by the way). That was my logic anyway.  Here’s the tea…

I was working 6-7 days a week. LOL! I had a nice car, bought a computer, a dog (ZsaZsa, a Pomeranian), nice bags, cute clothes. I had everything that any 21 year old could want! I wanted to get back into school and start working on my degree. It was starting to bother me that I wasn’t in school trying to build something better for myself. Don’t get me wrong I have met some amazing, intelligent, ambitious women in the strip club, but a majority of the women were on drugs and had legit fucking problems. I gave myself a cut off date of 25 to be done. I wanted X amount of money saved and I wanted to at least be done with my associate’s degree.  I was still living with my parents and not considered an independent student. My parents combined income was to high for me to get any kind of financial assistance, so it was going to be up to me to foot the bill. I made a foolish mistake and procrastinated. I’ll be 24 soon enough, I thought.

I needed money for the important things in life like vacations, clothes, and hair extensions. DUH! I also wanted to move out. I made enough money to afford my own place and I was getting tired of lying to my mother as to why my thongs and costumes she found in the dryer were so skimpy for my waitressing job. “You wear this at work?” she’d ask, thinking I was cocktail serving at a bar– holding up a romper or a dress so short you could see half my ass and staring at it confused. LOL! Bless my mom’s pure heart of gold.

I was 21 thinking I knew everything there was to know about life. No one could tell me anything. I was working on a Monday or Tuesday I can’t remember, but it was a slower day. In walks this man dressed professionally with a smile like the joker smeared across his face. I should have known from his smile that this guy was out of his fucking mind, but I spoke to him anyway. “Hi, I’m “Dr. Frankenfurter”, he said. In brief he told me he was a lawyer and he was in a hurry so we’d better have a dance right away. My kind of customer! After the dance he paid me and slipped me his business card. “Call me, all the girls know me! Ask Tatiana about me!” he said. “I’d like you to come to one of my shows.” he said. Shows? WTF. Like a trial or something? Whatever… I thanked him and went to put the money in my purse. I had to call Tatiana at once! What were these shows???…… #nowthatsthefuckingtea Add on insta @keepingitrealwithkash

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  1. You are killing it! This really should be on netflix!! Hopefully I just gave you an idea!

  2. I really did have some “great” connections back in the day 😂

    1. The best! 😂

  3. Wow.. You just brought back some old school shit lol keep it up girly

  4. My mom good old Donna is enjoying it to!

    1. No way! Not good ol’ Donna!! Lmao. Hello 👋🏼 Donna!

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