Nice to Meet You!, Are You Happy?

It’s true. What do you do?, Do you own or rent?, You don’t have children?, You’re not married? These are the questions everyone wants to know. Why? It’s mainly because they are questions of comparison. People robotically ask these questions and fail to realize they are subconsciously judging your answers and comparing themselves to you based on what society deems to be the correct way of living. Granted some people ask just to make conversation, but usually it is a means to measure where you’re at in correlation to them. Everyone has done this before. You’re a liar if you say you haven’t. You can gage a lot about a person based on their answers to these basic questions. No one asks someone if they’re happy mainly because they don’t really care if you are or not! LOL! Let’s be real. I’ve found the happiest people are people that just live, they don’t put time lines on things, they just roll with it… In order to be happy you can’t compare yourself to others and you certainly can’t run around asking everyone these questions. Here’s the tea…

I personally do believe that happiness is a choice. I think there are levels, there is Happy, positive, which I find to be a chore to keep up because sometimes you just have to sound off. If that makes me weak in your eyes, so fucking be it. There’s no weight on this chest. (that wasn’t surgically put there for aesthetic purpose). There’s content, which is neutral, just fine with the way things are, where I prefer to rest. If something good comes along I’m ecstatic, if something or someone is fucking up my vibe—Go fuck yourself. IT’S CALLED BALANCE! Then there’s unhappy, negative where everyday is a fucking issue and you’re staring down the barrel of a 45. Then there are people that fluctuate from Happy level to Unhappy level in the blink of an eye and they need Lithium. That’s called Bi-polar and it is a real problem not to be made fun of, but treated. The main reason for people’s unhappiness is the focus on these questions, we’ll call them “Society’s Faves” and their lack of having them answered. If people would just stop and be grateful for what they have things would be so much better. If people stopped asking these questions and minded their own fucking business people would be happier. AM I WRONG? Do you really care if someone is renting or bought their home? I mean really… Unless it’s a dude or woman your dating and planning on marrying does it really even fucking matter? The answer is NO! It doesn’t. You’re just a nosey fuck. I get it. Some people intrigue other people, they want to know more about them and what they do, but when you find out and get jealous or start feeling “some typa way” that’s your own issue. Social media, as great as it is for marketing and keeping in touch with people, is a huge part of the problem. I don’t even want to get started on this subject, we’ll save it for another day.

Moral of the story is mind your own ‘got daaamn’ business. That is the key to happiness. The more you worry about you and what you’re doing the happier you will be. No one’s got you, but YOU!  Don’t let people that confuse being real and honest with negativity get you down. Those are usually the assholes asking the questions…. #nowthatsthefuckingtea


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