Scorpio Problems

I have been told many times by people they feel the whole astrology thing is bullshit. I am not a big fan of the daily horoscope, but I do feel that the time of year you are born plays a part in personality traits. It’s just too coincidental for it not to be a thing. I was born on November 22 at 1:53 AM. I am a cusp baby, but I am a Scorpio. I have a few Sagittarius traits. One big one being I am an open book. OBVIOUSLY! I have no problem telling anyone shit about my life. Where Scorpio’s are more mysterious. My friend Lyssarosabella is a true Scorpio and a fucking ninja. This girl is so mysterious she scares me sometimes. But for the most part I am a Scorpio. For those of you who are a Scorpio, or have had the pleasure of dealing with one you already know. We are one of a kind. Here’s the tea…

Scorpios are drawn to the dark things in life. It’s just a natural attraction and most Scorpio’s I know are like this. It’s not that were negative awful people, we are just motivated by different things. The more upsetting something is, the more drawn to it we are. We are intrigued by pain and often use it as a motivator.  As strange as this may sound—Scorpios easily get caught in the past and are often their own worst enemy. Complexity at it’s finest. I have been friends with dozens of Scorpio’s and we all agree on the same thing: If this was 1692 Salem—We would’ve been burned. #nowthatsthefuckingtea #whatsyoursign

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