Who Exactly is This Terd?

Sometimes I wish I just would’ve stayed in the hotel and ordered a movie. Instead, I chose to go out and turn my life into one. His eyes. They pierced straight through me. Back then I thought it was passion, he was making direct eye contact. I never could’ve imagined it was all lies he was spewing. I was meant to come down here and meet this wonderful man. He liked art, he could draw exceptionally well, he could cook, he was really funny, and in the beginning we had stuff in common… He was perfect! How was this man single? I just won the man lottery!! How could anyone be dumb enough to let this guy go, right? WRONG! Now here’s the tea…..

When someone is constantly referring to someone as their ex-wife you tend to assume that they’re divorced. Well, The Sheepish Wolf was divorced in his mind because to him it was just a piece of paper, but legally he was still married—just separated for seven years–Yeah, that’s normal. He neglected to tell me the truth about this because he knew it wouldn’t have gone over very well and I would have been out. That was red flag one. But I let it go because he made his “ex-wife” out to be this drug addicted loser who put them in this financial crisis with her drug habit according to him. He hadn’t seen her for “7 years”. He was getting a divorce soon, or so he said. Then he lied about his age… Telling me he was a year older than he actually was. Who the fuck does that? A LIAR! lol! He would basically lie just to lie. The scariest part was he actually believed his Joe Mafia delusions. Then there was his “hillbilly ex- girlfriend whose crazy white trash family used him for money” that he cheated on me with a month after I moved in with him and he knew he had me. That was red flag two and then I was like okay, this dude is wack. Things just weren’t adding up. All the things he was saying about his exes were really things he did/was- he was a drug addict, he was white trash with veneers! His friends were shady and fucking weird. Bad vibes! So, naturally… I began to dig because basically it was just me. Alone, in a new place surrounded by unfamiliarity. Flushed, down here with all the other terds in purgatory here on earth.

Who exactly was this fucking terd I was cohabitating with? My karma for what I did to WCW, that’s for sure, but who was he? I’d catch myself staring at him sometimes not sure if it was in disgust or wonder that such a fickle, insecure, yet confident and cunning character existed all at once in a human being. It was so strange. He was like a chameleon, capable of changing who he was around different people. I hated hanging around with his friends because he was not even close to the same person when they were around. He would talk shit about all of them to me and what losers they were, but it was hard to find people in SoFlo and they were better than most. It was like hanging out in a room full of strangers on their weekly coke binge. I might as well have been carrying around the trey of blow with a mini spoon and some pineapples, serving everybody. Not fun. Again, I am also to blame for once again positively avoiding the fact the relationship was over, but I stayed because I didn’t want to believe that I moved my whole life down to SoFlo for someone I didn’t even truly know.

In the interim 8 months before the epic “Nightmare on 7th” Street”and after he cheated, he did try to right some of his wrongs. He paid HALF my tuition to go to esthetician school and took care of all of my bills, but had I not caught him red handed in lie after lie I don’t think he would have done any of that. He was consumed by guilt and had an infinite appetite for control, so doing those things for me satisfied him and his ego for the time being. He liked to have things to throw back in my face whenever I tried to talk about him possibly getting a divorce.

Sometimes the mask would even slip and he’d brag about how he was finagling things at his job to work in his favor, getting people voted off the board and how he was so good at making people second guess themselves. “You mean gas lighting, like you do to me, ya prick?” I always wanted to say, but just let him continue on his boastful narcissistic rants. He would always tell me I never listened to him. I was always listening; I just chose to never respond because it was all bullshit anyway. It’s hard to keep up the charade when you know full well- by no discretion of his own- that someone is a total lying sack of shit. LOL! We’re not done with “Shwolf”. He is still roaming around, repeating the same mistakes with other unsuspecting women, still trying to fill that void.– But don’t worry, he will be back, but we’ll give him a tea break for now. #nowthatstherealfuckingtea #happyfridayjr #like #subscribe #followbyemail #shareyourstory< >


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