What is with the Gerber Graduate poo 💩 lip shade “Iconic”?

Love Kylie Jenner. I’m all about women entrepreneurs, You go girl! But are you running out of lip shade ideas? Has Stormi’s dirty diapers inspired you to put poo shade on your lips? What in the hell is going on here? If Kylie, the brand maker herself, can’t pull this off who the fuck can? I’ve seen Facebook statuses about how horrid it is, but it took this visual for me to understand… I don’t see “Iconic”?? I see “Gerber Graduate”. Change the name!

Now “Boss” is what’s up. Make-up pros comment here! Can someone, possibly a darker skin tone pull off “iconic”? Or is this some kind of joke Kylie is playing on all of her loyal customers? #nowthatsthefuckingtea #kyliecosmetics #feedback #like #followwithemail #youropinionsmakemehappy


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  1. bootyhole brown would’ve been a better shade. 🍾

    1. LMAO! BOOTYHOLE BROWN!!!! But it’s green, yo!

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