The Escape to Miami

I have lived in Miami for three years now. It has its ups and downs like any other geographic location, but you just can’t beat the weather here. 75 degrees in January… YES PLEASE! So how did I end up down here? Let’s rewind back to the love triangle I shamefully created for myself with… let’s call him “WebCam Willy” and the other man Big T- I should also share that I was engaged to WebCam Willy at this time. So here I am engaged to my best friend that has little to no sexual interest in me at all, his type being “blonde and barely legal” from his taste on MFC. He even told me his type was blonde. Sighs, smh…. And then I have Big T, an older man that can’t keep his hands off me, but has no interest in a girlfriend, a wife, or kids… ever. Still to this day. LOL! Wedding planning was happening, I was in school for nursing and having serious doubts about it as a long-term career, and Big T was just hanging out in my life, proofreading my college essays and confusing me even more. My head was about to fucking explode. I didn’t know what to do. I was living my life, but with other people’s variables in the equation. My family obviously wanted me to be married, but I didn’t want to live in the deep south-side of Chicago forever. I just didn’t see myself there. Webcam Willy was practically the Mayor there, so he wasn’t leaving. WCW suggested I be a nurse, probably to fulfill a fantasy mirroring some porn he saw, but did I really want to be a nurse? No. I hate blood, and the thought of changing some old man’s diaper makes me sick to my stomach. The only thing I was doing at that time I wanted was seeing Big T—and that was fucking bad. I felt immense guilt over this. What was I supposed to do? So here’s the tea…

One day I got a letter in the mail from the college I was attending the nursing program at… They denied me. Why?, How?, I don’t know. I had a 3.9 GPA mostly A’s, except piece of shit Chemistry (still annoys me to this day) and an above average score on the TEAS test. They denied me. This was the sign. I HAD TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE! I was partially relieved NO C-DIF! NO I.V’S! NO BITCH ASS NURSE RATCHET’S TREATING MY LIFE TELLING ME TO CHANGE ROOM C’S BED PAN!! I had to leave and clear my head, so I planned a trip to Miami by myself to work and just THINK about what exactly I wanted to do with my life.

Webcam Willy was pissed because he knew about Big T. I openly told him about him and why I was seeing him. So WCW didn’t trust me for shit and for good reason. We argued about it, but eventually he caved and I went. I had no clue my escape to Miami would be a total life altering decision. I told Big T I was going and if he wanted to meet me down there he could. This would’ve probably been the last time I saw him had he come down to meet me and I would’ve went back to Chicago and tried to salvage my relationship after that. Big T didn’t show… Ouch! Well there I had it, there was my answer on that end, as far as school went I’d figure that out when I got back. I had one more night to stay.  When I got home I was either going to postpone the wedding or see if we could work on our differences and get through it together. Well, you know what they say, everything happens for a reason…. An old co-worker invited me out with her husband and their friend… So since I already had a couple drinks in me and I didn’t feel like sitting in my hotel room moping around I agreed to go out.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was standing on the street corner of 17thand Collins in a polka dot dress and wedges. Might as well have been zebra striped, so the predator picking me up could have spotted his kill better. After making fun of me for standing on the street corner to be picked up “The Sheepish Wolf” turned around and flashed a sparkly veneered smile at me. “Hi. I’m “The Sheepish Wolf” He said with eyes that pierced through my soul. The look he gave me was truly alarming, It was as if he knew what was to come for us… And there I was just sitting in the backseat, naïve as fuck in Miami in my cute little polka dot dress. TO BE CONTINUED…. #nowthatsthefuckingtea #mywcwisdifferentfromyours #like #follow #commentbelow



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  1. Kash-

    This is getting good to the point that I feel like it could be a book. Keep writing babe!

    1. Oh we’re just getting started, baby!

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