Who/What is a Trash Ass Ho?

I know I use this term a lot. What or who exactly is a trash ass ho? Are these people living in squalor, street walking, selling their ass for $100? That’s the image that comes to some peoples minds. In this case this person is just exhibiting characteristics of that image. You know the selfish, self serving, dishonest, throw you under the bus type bitches pretending to be your friend or a loving supportive family member. These people become your friend, it seems, to only draw information out of you to use it against you later on. They take this information and they put their spin on it and put it in whoever’s ear they can that they will benefit them the most. There’s three types of trash ass ho’s; The trash ass ho that secretly wants your man or something from him, the sabotaging trash ass ho friend, and the jealous trash ass ho friend or family member. Here’s the tea:

Case 1: The Trash Ass Ho on your man’s nuts. This could be a friend, family member, or just an acquaintance. This is the ho who asks you about your relationship pretending to genuwinely care, but they are only asking because they are going to take that information, twist the fuck out of it, and then feed it back to your man or other friends behind your back via text or phone call. You will begin to catch on to what is happening when your man or friend starts repeating things you’ve said to the trash in confidence, but with a little extra sauce on it. A good strategy for catching this ho is to begin to tell her things that really aren’t true. She will go run and tell your man or friend and then you’ll be thoroughly entertained while this idiot is telling you he/she knows this and this happened that NEVER happened REALLY HAPPENED (you follow?). Don’t get caught up in the entertainment of it– Know the bitch is a rat and cut that trash ass ho out of your life. They may not even want your man. They just may know he has money or something that they can use to their advantage, but are still there in your life like a hemorrhoid waiting for a perk. It’s actually really sad if you think about it. The fact they can’t find their own man. Even if they did find a good man they would ruin it because a good man can see when someone is only out for themselves. So that leaves them to try and leach off yours. Now, if your man is a good man he will not let this trash ass ho in, her information, her lingering will be comical to the both of you, but if you’re with a weak man with no balls who needs constant validation this trash ass ho will always be there for an ego stroke. Sad, but unfortunately very true. Weak men look for enablers. Not girlfriends… Speaking of girlfriends that brings me to the next trash ass ho. The Sabotaging TAH!

Case 2: The sabotaging trash ass ho can most commonly be found in the work place. She can also be a “friend” or family member, but mostly they are found in the place you have the unfortunate displeasure of seeing them everyday. This trash ass ho will become your friend for the sole purpose of getting to know you on a personal level and then taking the information she learns about you to make you look like a piece of shit to co-workers and higher authority figures if she needs to. You see, because if she knows all your dirt it takes away from the fact she is a sheisty, grimey ass ho. Boom! Spotlight off her, on you. This is the first one to throw you under the bus, sadly, even if they’re doing the same exact thing. These people do not feel bad for their actions. They would do it over and over again if they had the chance. They love seeing people as miserable as they are because they are miserable human beings. I know it’s hard to not become friends with co-workers, but don’t get to close. Do not disclose personal information to these people. Be friendly, be kind, but know at the end of the day this girl doesn’t really need to know about your personal life and public record. If someone is persistent in your business… RED FLAG! Cut that ho loose for your own good. NEXT!

Case 3: The jealous trash ass ho. This is usually a close friend or family member. These are the hardest TAH’s to swallow because they are SUPPOSED to be supportive and want the best for you. You consider them a fucking friend! And if it’s a blood relative it sucks even more because that’s your family. If you can’t trust these people who can you trust right? Unfortunately these are most often the people that want to see you fail the most. These are ho’s you get excited to tell something is happening in your life and then they just burst your fucking bubble with all the negatives about it or how shitty their own life is right now.  It almost makes you wish you never said anything at all. These are the ho’s that you come to when you’re having a problem with them and they flip it on you making themselves the victim. “Well I said this, well you did this.” Instead of respecting that you came to them with an issue you have with them and didn’t run to your other friend to talk shit about them (which is mainly what TAH’s do), they deflect it any way they possibly can and make you out to be the crazy unstable person. There are so many TAH’S out there unwilling to be accountable for their actions. It’s easier to make you out to be the crazy over reacting lunatic than just say “I’m sorry, you feel that way. How can we resolve this?”  It sucks, it hurts, but don’t let that get the best of you. Cut them off and move on.

Now I know what you’re thinking…. Kash- you’re so perfect. You could never have possibly been a trash ass ho in your lifetime. WRONG! I’ve done some fucked up shady shit that I couldn’t even process was wrong until it was done to me. Sometimes people are just ignorant to the way that they treat people and it takes karma to slap the fuck out of that ho to realize. Then there’s other people that are old enough to know better, have had the same things done to them, but still continue on the path of  trash ass hodom because it makes them feel better to hurt others. My point here is accountability is everything. You can be the most ratchet trash ass ho on the planet. If you are able to correct your behavior, be accountable for it, and apologize when you are wrong then you’re gonna be okay. We all have a little TAH in us…. but don’t take pride in being one. #nowthatsthefuckingtea

To call out a trash ass ho in your life!

Do you have a problem with a friend, maybe a co-worker, family member, or someone that just works your nerves? Tell me the reason and I will personally deliver your message to the trash ass ho in question, so you can possibly sort out your differences. You’ve been “trash ass hoed”…. If she deflects or doesn’t want to take accountability for her actions then we put her on the trash ass ho board.. for how long depends on the offense.



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