Well.. Here I am!!

Thanks for joining me! Many friends have told me I need to start one of these, so I finally caved in. So here I am! I am Kash! Short for Kristen Ashley. I go by Kash to keep it simple. I feel I have acquired some wisdom in my 29 years about relationships, friendships, and life in general to help some people out or at least entertain you and make you laugh.

I have been told my opinions and thoughts on certain topics are real and unfiltered and that I have a knack for expressing my feelings through written word…. Apparently not everyone can do that… With that said some of the things I will write or topics I cover may offend you. Some days you may come on here and think to yourself –what the hell is wrong with this girl? Is she on meds?– The truth is I probably should smoke a substantial amount of weed or take some form of valium or Xanax, but choose not to because I feel it clouds my mind and keeps me from expressing and being my true creative self. I prefer to get through my days using deep breaths, water and my “is it really worth it” model. (We’ll get into that later) But unfortunately for me almost everything is worth it and deserves a comment or a clapback.

Some days you will say “wow, this girl is a total asshole” and others you will appreciate what I have to say and agree with me. I am basically here to take my long winded Facebook rants and put them somewhere where people actually wanna read my bullshit can view them. You’re welcome! First blog topic: Why is my man flirting with and liking this gourds pics on insta? What is wrong with me that he’d prefer to entertain a sub human species than show me this type of attention. Confusion times twelve. We’ve all been there ladies.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton



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  1. My ninja, do your thing, great idea, love ya babes

    1. Lol! Heyyy! Thanks love! Miss ya!

  2. Welcome!!! So glad to have found your blog! I look forward to reading more!!! You definitely belong here!!! 🙋💜❇💫

    1. Thank you Bridget!! 😘

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