My man is flirting/entertaining a gourd. Why though? What is wrong with me?

This is a common issue I’m hearing a lot.. Friends, women in general getting upset when they feel their man is showing interest or being flirty with someone they deem less attractive than them (physical appearance doesn’t lie). I hear this all the time.. Well sis, here’s the tea . It can be confusing.. an ego check for sure. But first you gotta look at your man. If you’re dating beneath your level of attractiveness then that shit just comes with the territory. You can’t even be mad!! If that MF looks like he hops in an oak tree to take a nap and eats mulch, got six thumbs, or some other facial dysfunctia—yes I said dysfunctia— then you bet your ass he’s gonna be chasing after the first person that gives him attention even if she looks like a sharpei had sex with a monkey . An insecure man will do anything to validate himself, including disrespect you to talk to the trash ass ho takin selfies looking like Fiona, shrek’s wife… and not the human version.  He’s doing what he needs for his esteem, all the while elevating “Fiona” into falsely thinking she’s some kind of temptress. This is where the delusions come in. And if you confront it “You’re jealous of her. “ “ you’re obsessed with her.” When really you’re just confused.. like what in the actual fuck is going on. Is this some parallel universe? This girl looks like she got beat in the face with a frying pan.  We’ve all been there ladies. But what it all boils down to is if he’s insecure  he’s anywhere he can get it. So don’t beat yourself up if your man is liking muppet baby miss piggy’s pics on insta. Know you’re fabulous and there’s bigger better dong out there waiting for you whenever you choose to get it! #humpdayholler I speak from my experiences. Do share yours.. I don’t internalize, I verbalize. I’m gonna make this a Wednesday thing. 👍🏼 #nowthatsthefuckintea



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